Nitrogen Management on Dairy Farms
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Crop N Guidelines: Calculating Corn N Guidelines

To get a feel for calculating N requirements for corn, try out some scenarios using the Corn N calculator below.

  1. How many lbs/acre of N are needed for a corn crop on a Volusia soil, with no artificial drainage, in its first year after the plow-down of a 26%-50% legume sod?
  2. Now how much N is needed if it's the 3rd year after plowing the sod?
  3. Next, include artificial drainage (i.e. tile draines) into the mix. How much N is needed now?
  4. Switch the soil type to "Howard". How much N is required, now?
  5. Try out other options across soil type, drainage, years after sod, and % legume and see how the factors and N requirements vary.

To read more on this subject: Nitrogen Guidelines for Field Crops in New York State (sections 3.1, 3.2, and 4.1).

To download an Excel spreadsheet from the Nutrient Management Spear Program at Cornell University to calculate N guidelines for corn: New York State Corn N Calculator.